Air Conditioning Tips

1. Running but Not Cooling
a. Dirty Condenser (outside) coils
b. Low on Freon
c. Dirty Filter
d. Call for Service

2. A/C Frozen (Iced) Up
a. Dirty Filter
b. Low on Freon
c. Dirty Evaporator (Inside) coils
d. Call for Service

3. Nothing Will Come On
a. Water in Pan
b. Breaker tripped
c. T-Stat needs new batteries
d. Call for Service

4. No Air Out of Vents (Grills)
a. Frozen (Iced) Up
b. Dirty Filter
c. Call for Service

5. No Display on Thermostat
a. Replace Batteries
b. Call for Service

6. Making Noise Inside
a. Dirty Filter
b. Call for Service
7. Making Noise Outside
a. Call for Service

Our Vision

Spectrum Air Conditioning strives to build the trust of our family of customers based on our honesty and quality of work. It is our goal to fix it right the first time. Our policy is to ensure that you will always know the cost of repairs before any of the work is done and you will only pay for the repairs you need with no hidden costs. This is why we have so many satisfied customers and we would like for you to share that experience.

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Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our factory trained technicians and our quality products that we offer you a one year parts and labor warranty. We also honor all manufacturers' warranties, some of which are for the life of your equipment.

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